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Katrina Scotto di Carlo

Katrina Scotto di Carlo and her husband Michael are self-proclaimed “neighborhood-business huggers”. Katrina was a trained artist with a charismatic personality and an idea for helping small businesses in her Portland, Oregon community. A big business has technologies that a small business simply cannot match, and customers by and large go for the ease of convenience, especially when it also saves them money. Katrina realized if you can’t beat ‘em, join together, and from there Supportland was born. With the technology developed by her husband Michael, Supportland emerged as both a technology for consumers, and a profitable engagement for small business owners. Supportland helps local businesses compete in the marketplace by uniting their customers under one common discount program, and rewarding its member customers for purchases they make at any participating Portland business. With the goal of sending the technology to trusted local networks all over the country, Supportland’s founders are using the principle of ‘think global’ to help customers be able to buy local.

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